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Created in 1996 and participating in its first competition in 1997, UFSC Baja SAE Team is responsible for designing, constructing and testing an off-road racing prototype, which competes at regional, national and global levels in the Baja Competition SAE.

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Promote personal improvement of members through an environment conducive to learning and teamwork, by developing an off-road vehicle prototype.


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The Baja SAE BRASIL Program is a challenge launched to college students that offers the chance to apply in practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom, aiming to increase their preparation for the real life job. By participating in the Baja SAE program, the student gets involved with a real case of developing an off road vehicle, from its conception, detailed design, construction and testing.


The competition normally takes place in two stages: the southern Brazil regional competition, at the end of the year, and the national competition, at the beginning of the year. The teams that conquists the 3 best positions in the Baja SAE Brazil Competition can participate in the internacional stage, in the USA.

Aiming to test the performance and resistance of the prototype, the competition has several tests during three days. On the first day, there are static and dynamic safety tests, where the judges inspect every inch of the car, checking if it meets the requirements requested by the Competition Regulations (RATBSB).

On the second day, dynamic tests take place, where the performance of the prototype is tested in different ways: acceleration, speed, traction, maneuverability, resistance and others.

The most important race takes place on the third day, and  it is called Endurance, where all cars go on the same track with various obstacles and seek to achieve the largest number of laps after 4 hours of running.

Another important stage of the competition is the Project Presentation, in which the Team presents and defends its projects to be judged by engineers that works in the area in which they are evaluating.



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