UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina

UFSC is a public and free University, founded on December 18, 1960, with the objective of promoting teaching, research and extension.


Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica UFSC

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UFSC houses 24 teaching and research laboratories linked to the Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

NCE - Núcleo de Cálculos Especiais

NCE is an engineering company specialized in structural calculation that develops the calculation of stresses, strains, dynamic, non-linear and fatigue analysis, through CAE resources, in particular the Finite Element Method.



NATREB is recognized for intelligent solutions for industries, producing machines, parts and services in a sustainable way for customers.


LABMAT - Materials Laboratory

LABMAT develops multidisciplinary projects in the area of ​​materials and their manufacturing processes.

TOP LINE Ferramentaria

TOP LINE Mold Tooling  is specialized in the production of molds with modern technology and quality.



Ciser is the largest manufacturer of fasteners in Latin America. Its products cover the automotive, civil construction, electrical hardware and other segments.


Tekbond is a company specialized in the production and import of several products such as: instant adhesives, sealants, chemical locks, silicones.

Flowls - Supply Chain Plataform

Flowls produces a platform that connects stakeholders and automates data query in Supply Chain logistics operations.

Motim - Quebre o Giz

Motim is a free course school, with the mission to train young professionals to build a successful career, offering Excel, VBA and Power BI courses.


OSG works with excellence in manufacturing and developing complete solutions for cutting tools.


The company abmTech Serviços is a company that provides consulting services in the financial, commercial, accounting and technology areas.

FEPESE - Foundation for Socioeconomic Studies and Research

FEPESE has the objective of coordinating and carrying out research, teaching and providing services of community interest in the economic and social area.

Polo - Research Laboratories in Refrigeration and Thermophysics

The Polo has the goal of training highly qualified engineers and conducting research in line with real problems in the refrigeration industry.


Empower offers relationship programs between mentoring companies and student organizations.

LabSolda - Instituto de Soldagem e Mecatrônica

LabSolda’s main objective is to train great professionals through the studies of techniques and new technologies aimed at the field of welding.

Anderson Tech

Specialized in maintenance of bicycle suspension and shock absorbers. 

LMP - Precision Mechanics Laboratory

At the LMP, research is carried out in the areas of conventional, precision and ultra-precision machining, in addition to the design and construction of machines and equipment aimed at the areas of ultra-precision, testing, movement systems and rapid prototyping, among others.


The Design Management Nucleus (NGD) and the Design and Usability Laboratory (LDU) carry out research in the areas of Design and Engineering.


LG Madeiras

LG Madeiras is a company specialized in the wood trade, from the purchase of reforestation to the export of finished material.

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