Recruitment and Selection

The UFSC Baja SAE Team conducts its Selection Process annually. We look for dedicated people, that are willing to learn. Our prerequisites are: be enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and have a minimum weekly availability of 10 hours. All courses are accepted and it is not necessary to have previous experience.

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See below the steps of our Recruitment and Selection Process! If you have any questions, please contact us.

The first step is to register online, by filling out a form. Here, we seek to know a little about your experiences in teamwork and acquired knowledge.

At this stage, the interviewers get to know the candidate and better understand his goals, experiences, skills and personality. Also, at this time, we select people who are aligned with the team’s ideals and contribuit to the growth of both.

In the 3rd Stage, the candidate is responsible for making a presentation on any of the team’s subsystems, which can be both technical and managerial. The choice of the presentation area is up to the candidate and the team provides contact with the heads of each of the subsystems so that they can resolve any doubts. The presentation lasts around 25 minutes, 15 minutes for the presentation itself and 10 minutes for questions at the end.


Phone: +55 47 3271-4026

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